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I have moderate to severe pain just above both of my hips -

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I have moderate to severe pain just above both of my hips - bit more to the front of my body, than directly above on teh sides. It started as a dull, annoying pain on my right side about 3 weeks ago.It was on and off. This las week it was back and consisent, but still just annoying. Yesterday the feeling moved to a much more severe pain on the left side - just above hip. Now it is on both sides and a small bit in the back.   15 years ago I was told I had endomitriosis and when the pain came up again several weeks ago, it felt as if it was the same type of pain. I am not sure if this infor wil help but, I am 51. My periods stopped April 2008 and I did not have another one until Dec 2008. This start-up peroid was bad with lots of heavy bleeding. Now my periods are very heavy and I only have 7 to 11 days between them. They last for a min of 7 days. Also, this pain seems to be around my period time - which these days is all the time.
Hi there,

Do you have any pain while passing stools?

Any nausea, fever, chills or urinary symptoms?

Did you ever had any abdominal surgery done?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

No pain while passing stools, no fever, chills or urinaty symptoms and no abdominal surgery. I have been dizzy on an off since July which is unusual for me. Also for the past year but not recently, sometime I felt like I had to urinate but nothing would happen or only a small amount would pass.


The feeling seems to be more tender now ( last hour) than a pain. It seems to change how I would describe it from a dull sort of ache to a pain to tenderness .....

Considering your symptoms, endometriosis is certainly a likely possibility. Intermittent abdominal pain that varies in location and is worse with periods would indicate endometriosis. However other causes like pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), appendicitis, urinary stones, ovarian cysts, etc should also be ruled out. Evaluation should include abdominal imaging in the form of a CT scan or an ultrasound. Some blood tests for infection may also be done. I think you will benefit from low dose contraceptive pills. So you should see your doctor for an exam and further tests.
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