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I am 63 years old, short sighted with a bit of Astigmatism,

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I am 63 years old, short sighted with a bit of Astigmatism, i can read easily without glasses. I had my eyes tested 4 months ago, to be told my eyes had improved slightly. I have been told i have the early signs of cateracts, but it will take 6 or 7 years before they are ready to be operated on. My question is : Often my distance sight (driving, television, etc) when wearing my glasses is not good, especially after looking at the computer screen all day long, and maybe when im tired, or sometimes for no specific reason ? A friend mentioned "accomadation". I would appreciate your comments.

Hello there

I wanted a little bit of clarification, when you have these symptoms, is it after computer work where you did not have your glasses on?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

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When i have my glasses on for computer work ,driving, television etc. sometimes my vision is perfect and sometimes i feel i need to put my glasses on when i am already wearig them.

hello there

sorry I did not reply earlier, I was waiting for your reply. When you do lots of near work, your eyes are doing their best and working overtime infocusing up close, this is called accomodation. When you look in the distance, the accomodation must be relaxed which is sometimes hard to do especially after extended periods of accomodation (up close focusing). This is why things can be blurry. This also has something to do with eye fatigue in which the muscles that do the accomodating get weak and tired after prolonged work. Simply resting your eyes a while and using artificial tears should help the matter, Regards, ***** *****

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