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My wife was on depo berth controle and she got off of it not

Customer Question

my wife was on depo berth controle and she got off of it not to long ago and weve been have sex and stuff and her boobs is really sensative and got big, there not red or lumpy or ne thing, and there not leaking, and i thought she was pregnant aand we went to the store and got a pregnancy test but it said it was negative can u explane this for me
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr Heal replied 8 years ago.


The symptoms point out towards a probable pregnancy. In case the HPT has come negative still dont lose hopes as sometimes HPT kits dont give accurate results. At this stage its better to subject her blood for a serum HCG test so that it can be confirmed or negated. If it comes as negative [God Forbid] then we can explore what is wrong with her hormonal levels.

with best regards,