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Ok I have been on here several times and I just had a son in

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Ok I have been on here several times and I just had a son in June of 08 and my body is out of whack and I am so depressed because I have so many symptoms and no one can explain. Right now I am trying to sleep and I cant seem to rest because everyt night I try and lay down and my heart starts pounding I feel like I am not getting enough air. Please help me I dont know what else to do I have been to so many doctors and no one can tell me anything. I just want to get my body back again. I also have times where I have alot of gas and I have painless spasms in my stomach. The top of my chest tightens up sometimes well mostly at night. Then i get this horrible pain that feels like its coming from deep in my throat and it radiated all the way to my chest and it is very painful. I get tingling and numbness in my hands and fingers that has been there since the birth of my son. Sometimes my body will feel very hot and the list goes on and on. This has all happened after me giving birth in June.

Were you absolutely OK before the delivery?

You have mentioned a number of tests that have been done on you - were everyone of them normal?

Are you a single parent?

Are you having any stress/ anxiety? If so, then on a scale of one to ten, where would your levels be?

Any other problem?

Any medicines that you are taking?

Thanks. Shall wait for your reply.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Yes I was Perfectly fine before my pregnancy.All my test came back normal except I have high blood pressure and sinusitus. I am a single parent and I have lots of anxiety and stress!!!!! My level is a 10!!! I do have a balance problem basically feels like there is a magnet inside my body pullng me back. Thats is why I had to get the MRI! Which came back normal except it showed my hole left sinuses are diseased.

Currently I am taking Omnicef, Clonazepam,Azor for High Blood Pressure, Nasonex.

Thanks for this additional information. Going by the description you have provided, and the stress levels at 10/10, your problems seems to be related to it. This stress is perhaps leading to a condition called aerophagia, wherein you are inadvertently sucking in more air into your digestive tract. This extra gas has to escape out and therefore you are having all the problems because of it, like gas, painless spasms, pain in throat and chest. Even the tingling and numbness is because of anxiety and stress.

You must try to take control over your anxiety and stress, and if need be take some expert help and help from family members. You are just 24; you have a long way ahead. Maybe, if your stress/ anxiety is settled, your blood pressure can also settle down.

For your further information I am placing a link that would provide you more information on this, and would be extremely helpful for you. Please have a look at it.

Best wishes.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Could that be where the shortness of breath is coming from? My lungs are fine I have had several test for that. Is there any treatment for this?
Try to remain cheerful and take deep breaths and not short rapid breaths. You can do some meditation, exercises or yoga or pick up some hobby which you like and spend some time on it. The more you remain calm, the better you will feel. Take help of an expert if you are unable to handle your anxiety yourself.

Best wishes. You are just OK. Cheer up and have nice restful sleep.

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