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I have intermittent pain in my upper back (between the shoulder

Customer Question

I have intermittent pain in my upper back (between the shoulder blades), above each hip, and where my bladder (I think) is. I'm on my 3rd round of antibiotics for UTI. During the day I'm mostly OK, but at night I get a severe headache, a fever that can shoot up to 102 or more, chills and sweats. Then by morning I'm almost back to normal--until the next night.     Any ideas?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. P. Jyoti replied 8 years ago.
How long have you been having this fever?

Have you done a urine culture and sensitivity test?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The fever comes on at night only, usually peaks around 10 p.m. It's been happening for 3 nights now and is accompanied by a terrible headache, chills and sweats. By morning it breaks and I'm almost normal except for the pain between my shoulder blades and above each hip.

Six months ago I had similar symptoms. Went to the emergency room, was admitted with a fever of 104--got IV antibiotics, had a spinal tap. No findings. After 3 days in the hospital all symptoms disappeared.

Now I'm afraid I'm having a repeat . . . but we don't know what it is.

Expert:  Dr. P. Jyoti replied 8 years ago.
Fever with rigor is usually caused by some specific infections, like UTI, meningitis, malarial fever, etc.

In your case, this is most likely to be due to UTI. You must have been suspected of having meningitis last time also which was ruled out by the spinal tap. Hence UTI is the most likely.

You should discuss with your doctor about having a Urine Culture and Sensitivity test. This test would give you the nature of the organism involved and also the antibiotic that is most helpful for it. Since you have already had antibiotics, a test may not be positive now.

For now, your best course would be to complete the antibiotic course. You are very likely to get relief with this only. You can take Tab. Motrin 200 mg for headache and fever. Also take plenty of fluids.

However, if you have a repeat of the fever again afterwards, you must get it thoroughly checked next time with a Urine Culture and sensitivity and also a voiding cystography test to determine the cause of recurrent UTI infections.

I hope my answer has helped you. Please click on the green 'accept' button below for accepting this answer. Feedback/Bonus will be appreciated.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

In my question and in the additional information I TOLD you I'm on my third round of antibiotics for a UTI, so your answer that I probably have a UTI doesn't help me at all. I cannot accept the answer since I provided it in my question.


Thank you for attempting to help, but sorry, I cannot accept.

Expert:  Kerry replied 8 years ago.


Can you tell me whether or not they have ever cultured your urine? This would be in addition to a urine analysis. They would have further tested the urine and let it incubate for 3-7 days to see exactly what germ is growing. Based on that, they would have decided which antibiotic is best for you.


Or, did they just prescribe the antibiotics without doing this?