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For the past few days I get palpatations each time I am

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For the past few days I get palpatations each time I am eating or drinking. Do I need to go to the emergency room?

Hello & Welcome to Just Answer,

When exactly did the palpitations start? What were you doing then?

How long do they last?

Do you have any pre-existing heart disease?

What is your age and sex?

Have you checked your pulse – does it seem regular or irregular?

Are you using too much of alcohol? Do you smoke?

Are you under stress/ anxiety? If so, then on a scale of one to ten where would you stand now?

Do you have any thyroid problem?

How is your apatite and sleep?

Any other problem?

What medicines are you taking?


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The palpatations started about 3 days ago. I was eating lunch when I first noticed them. The palpatations last as long as I am eating or drinking. I don't have any pre-existing heart disease. I am a 43 year old male. I have not checked my pulse. No alcohol. No smoking. I haven't slept well recently. Some coughing at nights. I feel like I have a mild cold. A little wheezing at nights. I have used the albuterol at night the last two nights, however the palpatations occur during breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. No thyroid problem. I am not sleeping well. I have been painting a shed outdoors the past few days. It has been cold outside. I believe I have sleep apnea. My wife says at times I stop breathing when I am sleeping, sometimes up to 30 seconds. I recently lost my job. This has caused some stress. Thank you for your time.

Thanks. Going by the details that you have provided, it seems that this could be related more to anxiety as you are having this problem when you are comparatively unoccupied with work, and you have some stress because you recently lost a job and have not slept well.

However, since you say that you also have sleep apnea, associated palpitations now should not be ignored. Hence as far as your query of whether to go to ER, I suggest that you must, considering your age and the sleep apnea. Even if the EKG and other tests turn out to be normal, it would be in your interest to get yourself checked up.

Best wishes.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Last questions. Why does this happen only when I'm eating? I have never heard of this association. Is it possible to be related to eating? Should I continue eating even when I'm having palpatations?

You are right, eating and palpitations do not have any cause effect relationship. However, as I had mentioned earlier that while eating a person remains relatively unoccupied and therefore becomes more aware of palpitations. It just might help if you could keep yourself engaged while eating like watching a TV or reading a book or a paper, etc. Your doctor may also like to prescribe you some medicines to stop palpitations.

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