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I was diagnosed with pneumonia about ten days ago. I was

Resolved Question:

I was diagnosed with pneumonia about ten days ago. I was pretty sick for about four days, got better, then got a secondary bacterial infection which consisted of coughing and a low grade fever. Today is the first day that I am feeling anywhere near better. I am still coughing a lot, but my fever has broken, and my energy level has increased significantly. My question is, my five year old son has also been sick, and we just found out he has the flu. I tested negative for flu a few days ago, and I am very worried that since my body is weak anyway, I might get that as well. Do you have any suggestions that might keep me from getting sick again? Would starting an antivirual like Tamiflu before I have symptoms help prevent infection? I did have a flu shot this year, but so did my son. Thanks for the help.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Nurse Milli, RN replied 8 years ago.

Hello and thanks for the question

I work in an urgent care facility where I am located and also in a local ER and our Drs have been giving Relenza. It is an inhaler-type medication that is useful for prevention of flu where family members are exposed and in close contact. I would suggest that you call up your Dr for a prophylactic antiviral such as Relenza because your immune system is spent and you will stand a high chance of contracting the flu at this time. Relenza is used 2 inhalations per day for 5 days.

The CDC is recommending Relenza because it has shown NO resistance to any of the subtypes of influenza this year where Tamiflu and Amantadine have been.

Hope this helps!


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