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I am concerned about my 22 y.o. hands. Today , they were literally

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I am concerned about my 22 y.o. hands. Today , they were literally blue. He says that they have been like that for approx. 2 weeks. He stated that he went to work the other day and even his forehead was blue! He was sent home for it. Upon investigation, he says he wakes up with this condition and sometimes he has experienced shortness of breath while doing ordinary tasks.

Hi ea schuster,


Thank you for submitting your question. I would like some more information so I can give you the best answer.


1. Does he have any medical conditions? Heart valve disease?

2. Does he take any medications?

3. Has he lost weight lately?



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you for your quick response.

He has not lost weight lately.

He has never been diagnosed with any illnesses.

He is not on medications.


However, I know that he has started to work out again and he briefly took a fat burning pill called "Arson". I read up on the side effects and immediately told him to stop. He says he has not taken any for 2 weeks now.


Thanks again,

Concerned Mother - Elizabeth

Hi Elizabeth,


There are a couple of possibilities here. As you are aware, blood turns blue when it lacks oxygen. This can happen with heart, lung, or arterial diseases.


Extremities( hands/feet) are the first to turn blue because they are the furthest away from the heart. Forehead turning blue is a bit unusual.


I would highly recommend that your son see a doctor soon. He should be ruled out for heart valve disease and lung disease. In heart valve disease, the heart is not pumping efficiently. In some lung disease( e.g. interstitial lung disease), the lungs slowly lose the ability to absorb oxygen, leading to blue hands and feet. Arterial diseases( like Raynauld's) are rare in this age group.


My suspicion is that he has a heart valve issue. Have him see his family doctor and get an echocardiogram.


I hope this is helpful to you

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