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I am a 55 yr old female recently diagnosed with high blood

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Hello ~ I am a 55 yr old female recently diagnosed with high blood pressure.  I have been on 12 1/2 mg atenolol for 1 month.  It has worked well but now I am really tired to the point where I don't want to exercise and I love to work out!  My resting pulse rate is about 48.  Maybe this isn't the drug for me?  When I exercise I hae to work hard to get my heart rate above 120 but I sweat more than ever.  I also feel kind of shaky all of the time.  Do I need to go back to my doctor and try something else?  this is making my life increasingly difficult.  THANKS!
Thank you.
Yes even though this is very small dose of atenolol, you are being adversly effected. This class of drugs (beta-blockers) is known for reducing your resting heart rate. Also, when you excersice it can be harder to get your heart rate up, because it's major purpose is to block the adrenalin that causes the increase in heart rate. Another thing is that this class can lower your blood sugar. This may explain your shaking. When your sugar drops too low, your body responds by releasing adrenalin, which can cause the shaking.
You are probably better off talking to your doctor about switching you to another drug.

If you have further questions, please feel free to ask.

You should always consult with your physician for the proper diagnosis and treatment.
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