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What is the procedure for an Adenosine MPS heart test and

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What is the procedure for an Adenosine MPS heart test and how is it performed?

Well, this is a test that is designed to view your heart after being given a medicine to speed it up (adenosine) and to see how well it beats while under stress.

The MPS stands for myocardialperfusion scintigraphy, which is the pictures taken of the heart after special radioactive tracers are injected into the blood - and the pictures taken with a special camera.

Essentially you will be given these injections to compare how your heart is perfusing itself -- e.g. is it getting enough blood when it is stressed with exercise (or in your case, the medication)?

You will have an injection of the tracer and pictures taken while resting. These pictures can take 30 minutes or so.

Then you will be given the medication to "rev" up the heart, injected with the tracer again, and pictures taken again. You do this while resting on a table, while the camera moves around you to take pictures of the heart.

This can be done over one, or two days.
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