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Dr.  RK
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I have a pain in my back directly behind my right breast is

Resolved Question:

I have a pain in my back directly behind my right breast is their an organ back there? It does not feel like muscle pain
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. RK replied 8 years ago.

Dear sunsett,

Greetings and thankyou for using justanswer!

What is the exact location of pain?

Is the pain radiating to arm, shoulder or any other body part?

How long are you having this breast pain?

any associated fever, vomitting, abdomen pain, difficulty in breathing?

Any associated local swelling, tenderness, redness, discharge from or near the nipple ?

Did you take any drugs/medications?

Did you consult a doctor yet or did any investigations?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
no fever or vomitting difficult to breath yes but I think its related to the pain level nothing in the arm or any other body part - no discharge, redness - tender yes - its only on my right side back directly behind my nipple in the size of a baseball
Expert:  Dr. RK replied 8 years ago.

Dear sunsett,

Thankyou for the additional information!

There are a lot of cause of such chest pain.The common ones are pneumonitis, muscle strain, pleuritis, pulmonary embolism ,pulled rib muscles , fibromyalgia, gallbladder problems and liver inflammation like hepatitis,etc. just to name a few.

The unstable angina or cardiac cause of such chest pain is usually felt on the left side.

As per your symptosms as you told that you are having the chest pain behind the right breast along with some difficulty in breathing, there can be possibility of pnemonitis causing this pain.

But you should get the ECG, Chest X-ray, blood counts, sonography of upper abdomen done to know the possible cause of such chest pain.The investigations will help in finding out the exact cause.

You should consult your doctor for all these investigations to find out the cause.

The treatment depends on the underlying cause.

Meanwhile the pain can be relieved by the use of analgesics like diclofenac, aspirin, ibuprefen, nimulid,etc.You can get these drugs as OTC medicines.The antibiotics will help in controlling the infectious etiology caused by bacteria if present.

The treatment of other causes will depend accordingly.

Please visit here for more information:

causes of right sided chest pain

Please feel free to ask me in case you have any doubt.

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