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I have hip pain in my right hip only when in bed. While

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I have hip pain in my right hip only when in bed. While lying down, my right hip becomes very painful. Moving from side to side or from back to side is very painful. In the morning when I get up, it hurts a lot getting up. However, when I stand up after a while there is no pain. I have no paid during the day when moving around or sitting at work. The pain only occurs while lying down in bed. Can you offer a possible explanation?
Is the pain only when you lay down on the right hip?

Do you still get the pain when you lay down, but with the left hip down?

How about using your hand to press on the side of the right hip - does that hurt?

Does the pain go down the back of the thigh at all into the lower leg?
I apologize, but I have to get going here - as it is 12:30am and I have surgery in the morning.

The one thing this sounds like is bursitis of the hip, as the pain is localized on the outside of the hip -- and worsened by lying down on the hip itself. Often times, if the inflammation does not improve on its own, your doctor can try steroid injections to help.

Read more here to see if this sounds like it:
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The pain is not on the outside. It is deep inside the hip.

Other causes for pain in the hip can include sacroiliac joint inflammation:

Arthritis of the hip itself, or inflammation of the nerves headed to the hip and lower leg which originate in the lower back.

If you haven't already, starting off with a physical exam by your doctor, who can test the range of motion of your hip would be helpful, as well as xrays, then a MRI if necessary to better look at the condition of the joint, and surrounding areas for inflammation.

As there are several different causes for hip pain itself - a lot of it will depend on the physical exam in person and imaging. An orthopedic surgeon is the specialist in this area.