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I want to use frozen green tea bags over my eyes for under

Resolved Question:

I want to use frozen green tea bags over my eyes for under eye puffness. Do I have to wet the tea bags first before freezing and once frozen how long do I leave them on my eyes?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Mike Teflon replied 8 years ago.
Hello MPDavies,

You normally keep them for 10 minutes. But here is a better way of depuffing your eyes.

Green tea bags are said to contain anti-inflammatory substance that reduce fluid build up under eyes..(which cause eye bags, under eye dark circles, under eye wrinkles).

Instead of freezing the teabags the following technique is suggested by Dr. Andrea Kunin, for depuffing effect in the following website..

The technique is..

“Brew two bags, let cool, then use as a compress for 10 minutes,” says Dr. Kunin. To increase the “depuffing” effect, use caffeinated, she adds.“

here is the website for further reference..

I hope this helps..

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