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I have a bump on the back of my head on my right side. Ive

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I have a bump on the back of my head on my right side. Ive had it since may. I feel a ton of pressure in the middle right side of my head that goes all the way to my right ear....feels like my right ear is going to pop. The bump on the back of my head appeared over night including the pressure and slight elevation on the center top right side of head. I have had a ct and and x rays of my head which showed nothing. My throat also feels swollen on right side. Also the bump on the back of my head is mushy. You can push it in....feels like those stress balls. Ive seen a neurologist, surgeon and two doctors. Not sure who else to go to. Ive also been on a ton of oral antibiotics to help get rid of this. This all happened in May after camping and hiking. They thought it was possibly a tick bite or something like that. Please help.

Hello & welcome to Just Answer,

Without the benefit of having a detailed clinical examination, it would be very difficult for anyone to provide you with an answer for your problem, as you have already been seen and assessed by a surgeon, a neurologist, infectious disease expert, and two other physicians, and you say that no conclusion has been reached and you continue to suffer since May last year. If you would allow me, then I would like to ask you to answer few of my queries:

Where exactly is this bump – in terms of fingerbreadths from the back of your ear, and how high up is it from your hair line in the neck?

How big is it in terms of cms?

How much would you say is it swelled up or raised from your scalp, again in terms of cms?

Do you feel any satellite swellings around this bump?

Do you have any bump below your right jaw in the neck?

Any swelling immediately in front of your ear near the tragus of the ear (small of the ear)?

How is your external ear –any swelling?

If you move your ear to and fro while holding it with your fingers, do you get any pain?

Anything that you have missed out in telling?

Have you seen ENT doctor?

Thanks. I shall be waiting for your reply.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Dr Chauhan. When the bump was first noticed, It was very hard and around the right occipital bone. Thats why they did a bone scan thinking it was bone. After antibiotics and a few months, in August, it became mushier around the bone. It sort of feels like one of those stress toys. If you go to feel it very lightly where the bone is, you can feelit is about an inch or two above the left side swelling. But once you start pushing around the bone, you can feel the mush part. It feels encapsulated almost like it needs to be popped. When the pain where the bump is located on my occipital bone started the midline top of my head hurt too....and that is hard....not mushy and it is one long elevated bump across the top of my head. Not really a bump but just a hard can barely feel it...palpate it but its slightly noticable to someone who cant physically feel it. They started at the same time. That is funny that you asked about my ear because I just started having more pain with it. It has just been major pressure but in the last few days it has ached and gotten worse. I have stopped all antibiotics so that could be why but Im not sure. I feel pain in front of my ear when you press it. When I pull my ear back, I feel tenderness and some pain. I dont see any physical swelling but the entire right side of my head feels swollen. It doesn't feel the same as the left when I touch it. I dont feel any bumps on my neck but the right side feels more swollen than the left. The last time I saw a doctor on was five mos ago. I was just hoping it was a virus and it would go away. I was on doxycyline orally, they thought it was a tick bite because of out camping and I did find ticks on my clothes. I hope I gave enough info. Oh, I didnt see an ENT yet. I didn't know which way to go. Thanks for taking the time to review this info. I appreciate it. I just want this to go away. Thank you.


Thanks for all the additional info, and it would be a pleasure if I am able to help out someone from my own fraternity.

As you mentioned that the problems started after the camping. And the only problem then was a painful swelling in the occipital region, or is it sub-occipital, as that is the region where you have the sub-occipital nodes, which drain the area right from the ear to the nape of the neck. To me it sounds like sub-occipital nodes and more so since you have the pain distributed in its territory of drainage.

You need to see an ENT surgeon as if a tick or an insect were to bite while in a camp, the ear remains a favorite place, and you have pain in the ear and the pain is there when you move it, as you just explained. The antibiotics may have been able to settle the infection or inflammation, but telltale signs may yet be seen by the ENT.

I hope that I have been able to help you in some little way.

Best wishes. Please feel free to enquire and I’ll try my best.

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