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Almost 3 years ago, I had a compound fracture in my left leg

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Almost 3 years ago, I had a compound fracture in my left leg as a result of a motorcycle accident. Went through several surgeries (bone grafts, exchange nailing, debridement, etc. and was released 1.5 yrs ago. Still have the intramedullary nail and locking screws. Have always had some discomfort at the knee and ankle area, was told it was probably caused by the nail. Still having nagging pain, usually starts at the knee and extends down thru where the break at my tib/fib was and kindof radiates there. Just in the past week or so, I've noticed almost a burning sensation, mostly in my knee but again, it spreads downward to the break area. It's not painful, but very uncomfortable. Does this sound like something that I need to be concerned with, or is it part of having the nail in my leg and maybe a result of some nerve damage from the wreck? Thanks! Anne
Is this pain more on the outside of the knee, extending over the shin?

Or back of the knee, into the calf?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

No, the pain is inside (under kneecap) and extends thru my shin.


Pain that is on that side of the lower leg (vs the back of the leg) is probably related to the peroneal nerve, which could have easily been injured by the tib/fib fracture.

Given that this pain is similar to the pain you had post-operatively, one can probably assume that the nerve, or one of its branches was injured during the actual fracture, and inflammation of this nerve causes the pain you are having.

Should this pain extend above the knee into the thigh, or cause foot weakness -- this would be something new, and deserve to be evaluated by a doctor in person.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
will this nerve damage also cause the burning sensation as well?
a burning type of sensation is often felt as a result of nerve damage, and also commonly felt in other "neuropathies". Your doctor can try some medications, like Neurontin, or Lyrica - which can help with this type of pain (but also make you sleepy).