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I am having a throbbing pain in my left calf. It almost

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hi i am having a throbbing pain in my left calf. It almost feels like a wormy sharp pain that comes and goes even at rest. I recently over exercised and also have had two falls, on the ice and one down the stairs in the last two weeks. I am only 30 maybe 20lbs over weight, not a smoker, not on birth control pills, but not a big exerciser either. I am concerned about a possible DVT, I do not have discoloration, swelling, and it is not hot to the touch. My right leg is sore too but not throbbing. I took an adult dose of aspirin hoping that the blood thinning agents would help. Am I over reacting?
The commonest causes of such pain in the calf are:

Muscle Strain: Muscular strain is the most common cause of such pain. Perhaps you have been wearing some new shoes which are too high or put too much strain on your leg. You should give rest for some time and wear comfortable shoes.

Lumbar disc lesion: This may be associated with pain in the back and weakness of the leg.

Vascular insufficiency: Atherosclerosis of arteries, spasm, etc, may cause vascular insufficiency. This might lead to claudication with pain in the calf muscles on walking which is relieved on rest.

Deep Vein Thrombosis: this is a condition when there is a blood clot formed within the deep veins. It requires urgent intervention.


Your symptoms are very suggestive of pain due to muscle spasm. DVT is less likely considering your age and the fact that you are fairly active and do not have any risk factors.

Steps you should take are: You should keep your feet elevated at night, put a pillow under your feet. Avoid wearing high heels, wear comfortable shoes. Try to avoid straining your legs; do not stand for a long time. Wear loose comfortable underwear and clothing. Apply a lot of ice specially when there is pain. THese measures will help speed up the healing process.
However, if the pain persists or gets worse at any time, or there are some fresh symptoms like discolouration, you should consult your health provider. It is best that you go for a medical consultation for this, particularly to rule out any chances of a deep vein thrombosis.You may need a Doppler study of the blood flow in your leg if vascular insufficiency or blood clot is suspected.

You may consult these sites for more info:

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
In the case of a DVT, will there always be disculoration? right now i feel as if there is a worm uder my skin only when the throbbing happens, about once every few minutes, its sharp and makes me queezy. I would feel better to know if there are any other warning signs that i should be aware of and if you think the asprin is benifical or if taking it could make things worse in the case of a DVT?
No, there may not always be a discoloration in case of DVT.

Your symptoms sound more like a muscle spasm due to muscle strain. With a DVT, you would have constant pain. And yes, the aspirin would help in case it is a DVT.

Like I said, a DVT is unlikely for you. But since you are worried about it and on the verge of developing a panic attack, it would be best for you to have this checked up. You should consult your doctor for this.

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