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I had Realize Band (gastric band) surgery 20 days ago. I am

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I had Realize Band (gastric band) surgery 20 days ago. I am thinking of adding Sensa to my food to help in the weight loss and help control my appetite. The band has not been adjusted yet and I am starving. Liquids, whether clear or opaque DO NOT fill me up.   Would this help?
Well, this "Sensa" addititive is probably not something that will work that well to suppress your appetite, even though they have marketing "claims" to support their weight loss over six months -- meaning you probably are better off just seeing how well you do as your diet progresses.

You are not feeling "full" because you are still on the liquid portion of the diet -- the liquids will tend to run right through the stomach, as the lap band surgery does not really restrict fluids. It will restrict solid foods, so foods that stay in the stomach longer (which your diet will eventually reach) will make you feel "full".

During the first few weeks after surgery, you will feel hungry. The Sensa product will not really help with that.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you for your answer. I guess I will just have to cope the best I can without tackling the pizza delivery boy when I see him until I have the band adjusted :). Is there something I can have in the meantime that will help with satiety?

Unfortunately, satiety will be directly related to how distended (your now smaller) stomach becomes -- the foods that pass through the stomach slower will cause the stomach to distend, and make you feel full.

Water, and other clear liquids will travel the fastest through the stomach. Next comes opaque liquids. Then liquids with fat or protein in them, then soft foods, then solid foods.

So, within your prescribed diet, trying to eat protein and more actual foods, while drinking less clear liquids (don't stop drinking liquids!) may help.
Dr. Mark and 3 other Health Specialists are ready to help you