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Vivek Pillai
Vivek Pillai, Doctor
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I have had internal shingles for three months now is there

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I have had internal shingles for three months now is there any relief or medication to irradicate this horrible affliction. Is there a blood test that could diagnose this for sure. I have stabbing pain in my left breast with burning skin and it radiates to my underarm.'am i presume you have post-herpetic neuralgia, which is quite painful!.. my suggestions are

1. gabapentin- 200 mg 1-1-1 orally.

2.lidocaine patches over the painful areas.

3. t. tryptomer 25mg1-1-1.

if you can restrict yourselves to either gabapentin or tryptomer it would be apt, i would not advice you to take both of them... also please make sure you do not have glaucoma, urinary retention when you take tryptomer.

if you are satisfied with my reply, kindly press the ACCEPT button, so that i may receive the payment due to me.. feel free to ask any queries.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Dr. thank you so much for your answer but you didnt answer me regarding the lab work. Is there actually a test that would confirm the shingles? I just have the breast surgeon saying that I probably have shingles.

hi, ma'am... thanks for the accept and feedbackSmile... sorryy for the late reply.. actually it is late night in india where is stay... here's what you can do..

1. shingles/ herpes zoster is best diagnosed by the culture of varicella zoster virus from skin lesions.

2. you can also check polymerase chain reaction for varicella zoster virus..

3. ELISA test to detect you host response to shingles..

however a documented case report of herpes zoster in the past should suffice... all the best