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Cyndi, Nurse
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Can you tell me what can counter-act too much calcium in

Resolved Question:

Can you tell me what can counter-act too much calcium in ones body..and could a beta-blocker or heart medicine, cause calcium to skyrocket in someones body to grow calcium deposits all over the place. (might be suseptable to them..but encouaging growth?) warfarrin is being taken also. at the same time iron pills given too. healthy or overtoxidity of the liver and brain (?)
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Cyndi replied 8 years ago.
Have you been diagnosed with any illness? Do you know your Calcium blood levels?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

My aunt has a very high level of calcification because of a parathyroid condition. (Osteo and constipation ) then a milk craving .. then took the once a month calcium pill , till she disregarded the instructions to take, and got a throat problem and very sick.

What I am asking...can this overload be due to something malfunction somewhere? fibrous tissue which lead to cyst's, and she has fatty tumors (beneign) all over her arms and such, .as well as fibroid tumors in the uterous ( us both), is it from lack of balanced magnesium? want a mag citrate but can't find just that ingred. I don't want to follow in her footsteps. and stop the condition .she now looks like (CTscan) cancerous tumors and cyst's now, at 88 yrs. We aren't sure without a biopsy's Gyno/Oncologist cant be sure but she feels the beneign has gone into malignancy..(?) her tumor is size of 6 month pregnancy now that she's lost 10 lbs over such a short period of she is needing to go to the bathroom every few minutes now. in the nursing home as of last week, its getting to be a problem.

Expert:  Cyndi replied 8 years ago.
Does she have a low parathyroid or high?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I can't remember . If I were to take a wild guess, it was high... went to the dr's at the time and she talked to me..but it was about 2 1/2 yrs ago. (?) hmm I'm sorry I can't help you more , with my memory fading and all.. I am going to call that dr to ask the results right now, to verify.
Expert:  Cyndi replied 8 years ago.
Ok, because it makes a big difference!! Has she had any treatment for this illness? Whatever medical information you can give me will help me pinpoint what is going on.

Thanks talk to you soon!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
All's I need is the answer as to "What Stops Calcification in the body" therefore stopping the growths in different forms(?) thats all. I need a Dr to answer this please(?) thank you. I guess I shouldn't have added all the rest of stuff I did, in order to draw away from my Chief question I was going for.
Expert:  Cyndi replied 8 years ago.

Dear Deb,

It sounds like maybe she has Hyperparathyroid, which caused by too much hormone form the parathyroid gland.This calcium build up is from too much hormone from the gland, and is not caused from the diet....but I can't be sure from the information you provided if that is the case. If it is hyperparathyroid, it would have to be treated to stop the hormone production, which will stop the calcification.

Without knowing the cause of the calcification, it is a shot in the dark trying to give an answer of how to stop it. I don't have any history on the person to give you accurate information. I can send you to many links about calcification, and give you different treatments, but if you don't know the cause you can't treat it!! Messing around with vitamins and electrolytes in the body without knowing what your doing is very dangerous!

Causes of some types of calcification under the skin are:

  • vitamin D toxicity ( to much)
  • magnesium deficiency (to little)
  • vitamin K deficiency may be linked to arterial calcification
  • Hyperparathyroid
  • Dermatomyositis ( inflamatory disease of the muslces)
  • Scleroderma
  • The use of compound complex magnesium has shown promise in the treatment of calcification



The most strongly acid-forming foods are meat products of all kinds, including chicken and fish. Carnivorous animals hunt, pounce on and devour their prey, including the bones and blood which contains the alkaline minerals. There is no cooking, fragmenting or processing involved. These animals have the enzyme uricase to break down the uric acid. They also have the anatomical structure for this kind of seating, with short digestive tracts to reduce putrefaction, very large livers and kidneys to detoxify and eliminate waste products, high concentration of hydrochloric acid and protein digesting enzymes to dissolve bones and animal muscle fibers and high levels of mucus secretion in the stomach to protect the stomach lining against the acid and enzymes.

Avoid alot of Red meats in the diet. Eat Alkaline forming foods. These are fruits, vegetables, and sprouted seeds in an unheated and unprocessed form.The foods that provide alkaline minerals are raw fruits and vegetables. Sprouts should be added as a winter vegetable when fresh produce is less likely to be available. Sweet fruits, such as unsulphured raisins and dates are especially good when combined with green, leafy vegetables. Steamed vegetables can be added to the diet, if desired, with a raw vegetable salad. Fats, oils, salt, sharp spices and condiments, vinegar and alcohol are to be avoided since they are irritants and interfere with the digestive process.

I hope this helps,

Good luck! If you find out anymore of her medical history I can be more in dept.
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