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Dr.Saurabh Joshi
Dr.Saurabh Joshi, Doctor
Category: Health
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scrotum..It felt really weird, and was peeling white skin everywhere

Customer Question

Today when I woke up I noticed my scrotum (I believe that is the "ball sack") was very very dry. It felt really weird, and was peeling white skin everywhere. I'm not sure how long it was like this, but this is the first day I noticed it. About a few hours ago I applied Aveno moistrizer and it seems better for now. But I do notice an aching sensation from that area.

What could have caused this? Also how serious is this?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr.Saurabh Joshi replied 8 years ago.

Does the skin appear red / inflamed ?

Do you have a fever / rash in your groin area ?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Skin appears to be normal. In the past few hours I have the sensation as if someone kicked me in the "balls" or something. What could cause that? Like an ache sensation.
Expert:  Dr.Saurabh Joshi replied 8 years ago.

Wearing tight underwear can cause such an ache in the testicles.

Having an infection of the testicles, an Orchitis too can cause such pain.

If this pain persists after wearing loose underwear, please see a doctor for an evaluation and an Ultrasound of your Scrotum, that would show an increased vascularity in case of an Orchitis, or find out any other organic cause of the pain.

The scrotal skin dryness can be due to an infection or can be a normal dry skin that occurs in winters.

Kind Regards,