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Doctor J, MD
Doctor J, MD, Doctor
Category: Health
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Experience:  Family Medicine Physician and Professor with 29 year's experience in Adult, Women's and Kid's Health
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I have unusual discharge,slight smell, lower abdominal pain,

Customer Question

i have unusual discharge,slight smell, lower abdominal pain, i am very tired and weak.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Doctor J, MD replied 8 years ago.

Hello Colette,

Have you had a recent Pap test? Have you ever had an abnormal Pap? Have you been seen by a gynecologist for these symptoms? Do you have just one sexual partner and does he have any symptoms? Endometriosis can cause some symptoms, the most common probably being pelvic/abdominal pain. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is an infection caused by an STD that should be treated and would be cured by antibiotics. The headache sounds mostly unrelated. Could you be stressing with worry about all this? I think that cervical cancer is a very low possibility. After you answer these questions, I'll try to offer some guidance.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.


im not sure what a pap test is?i have been seen by a gynacologist but have recently moved so i have been referred to my new local hospital and i am awaiting a new appointment, i have only ever had one sexual partner my husband and since i gave birth 9 months ago i have used condoms, i was taking a contraceptive pill but it caused me a great deal more pain. i had a laparoscopy 2 years ago and the only only thing i was told was that my ovaries,uterus,fallopian tubes were covered with adhesions and they may have occured due to the fact i suffer pelvic inflammitory disease. i had tests which revealed i had yet another pelvic infection which was treated. my husband has never had any problems or symptoms. i dont suffer water infections and i am quite a healthy person.i have been to my gp but none of my visits have been successful as i suffer anxiety and get forgetful so i do forget to mention some things.

Expert:  Doctor J, MD replied 8 years ago.

Hello again,

I'm sorry that you're having so much trouble!

.Although a pelvic infection can have caused adhesions, I'm still very suspicious of an underlying problem, like endometriosis. Usually a birth control pill can lessen the discomfort, so in your case a different pill or other options entirely (other medications) could be helpful.

A Pap test is the test vaginally for cervical cancer or precancer and the viruses that can cause that. I'm sure that your doctor or the gyne has done that.

At this point, a referral to a good, kind, and sympathetic gynecologist is the right thing to do. You will get properly diagnosed and should have lots of treatment options. The very good news is that you already have two children and this will not turn out to have anything to do with cancer! All the best!

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I havent ever had a smear or pap test ive never been told about them. when you say you are ''suspicious of an underlying problem'' what do you mean by that???

also just another quick question..... is my being weaker than usual anything to do with this problem i am having with my abdomin? also reading through past messages it seems i have forgotten to mention that the abdominal pain i have been getting is on both sides but can also just remain more to my right side than any other, i recieved an internl examination by my gp once who had explained that the right side was very swollen.

I don't quite understand why you said''good news is that ive had two children and this will not turn out to have anything to do with cancer''as it can happen to anybody regardless of weather they have had children or not. i sinserley hope its not for obvious reasons but there is cancer in my family, so im always thinking it could happen. If i were your patient what exactly would you be telling me the best course of action is? i used to take oramorph but since i have moved this medication has stopped and it was the only thing that ever helped relieve the pain, i was also fitted with a mirena coil BUT that didnt help very much at all i bled every day for 6 months it was very very heavy and very very painful so it was removed. the discharde i am getting now is like a more pink than brown mucus.i have had it consstantly for a while now and its not nice the periods are unusual also as its a standard period except for what looks to me like tissue and theres mucus in it. sorry to ramble on but im just looking for advise on this until my appointment with gp on thursday.



Expert:  Doctor J, MD replied 8 years ago.


What I meant by "underlying problem" is a cause of the adhesions, like endometriosis. And I also was thinking that if worse came to worse, and you couldn't have more children, due to adhesions or even if surgery were considered, that thanfully you've got children already.

Mainly, I want you to know that cancer is not going to be the problem. Good luck with your appointment.