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Dr. German
Dr. German, Doctor (MD)
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I have severe shortness of breath when I stand up and walk.I

Customer Question

I have severe shortness of breath when I stand up and walk.I must stop and sit and in about one minute it goes away until I repeat these actions, I am fine when sitting and have no symptoms at all
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. German replied 8 years ago.
Hi,Customer Any breathing difficulty or shortness of breath should be evaluated and treated Immediately .

It does not matter that it only happens when You stand up and walk .

This could be serious . You must consult a Doctor Immediately ( go to the Emergency Immediately ) .

These symptoms could be caused by :

1-Coronary Artery Disease ( in this condition,the Coronary Arteries that supply blood flow to ***** become narrower or obstructed   by the accumulation of Cholesterol or the presence of a clot that reduces the Heart Blood Flow )

2- Lung Diseases like Emphysema ( in this condition, the lung small air sacs are   damaged and can not function properly )

3-Lung Airways Inflammation   or Lung Airways Obstruction

4- Heart Conditions, in which Your Heart Capacity to pump blood through your organs becomes affected or decreased.

5-Abnormal or Irregular Heart Electrical Rhythm

You must consult a Doctor Immediately . Do not wait more time . Call 911 if it is necessary .

The doctors will need to perform several tests like :

3-Chest X-rays
4-Heart Enzyme Blood Levels
5-Arterial Blood Gases
6-Pulse Oxymetry Levels Test
7-Pulmonary Function Tests

With these tests , the doctors will be able to determine      
what is producing this breathing difficulty so You can receive the appropriate   treatment .

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