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I have had right arm pain that comes and goes for 7 years

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i have had right arm pain that comes and goes for 7 years now. sometimes it gets so bad that i hardly stand it. the pain usually starts circumfrentially around my wrist and then moves up my forearm then travels under my arm and then pain in my back around my scapular area. the pain worsens especially if i am using my arm a lot of if it is raining or gets cold. i dont have any numbness or tingling, just burning pain. no pain in my fingers at all. no pain in my joints. the pain gets better when pressure is applied around my wrist but then comes right back. i have had nerve conduction studies done and therapy with no results. i even had wrist surgery for a tfcc tear (suspected) with no results. i havent had any injuries to cause the pain but the pain is only worsening. please help..... thanks so much.

A pain which radiates from the wrist to the back could be due to a spinal disc herniation. Since you have pain the back in the scapular region, possibly this is where the herniation and compression of the nerve is occurring.

Please consult your doctor again and ask for an MRI of the spine for a diagnosis.

I hope this helps.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i have had a xray by a chiroprator and everything came back negative. i am not sure if this has anything to do with it or not, but around the time the pain started (7 years ago) i was very sick with the flu and went to the hospital. the nurse gave an iv and gave me phenergan which i am allergic to. since then, the pain is getting worse. the pain is mostly in/around my wrist and forearm but at times when the pain gets really bad the pain is to under my arm and in my scapular area. does this change anything? thanks again!
An Xray may not show up a Spinal disc herniation. You need to get an MRI which is more accurate.

I doubt that this has anything to do with the flu directly. But if you had been lying in bed for long periods of time on your back or had twisted your back in any way, then that could have cause some amount of damage to the spinal bones. This would have now developed into a herniation.
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