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two days ago with severe pain in her right shoulder..muscle

Resolved Question:

My 72 year old wife, in good helath, woke up two days ago with severe pain in her right shoulder. It doesn't seem to be a pulled muscle. I want to take her to emergency but she refuses to go. What could be the problem?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Doc Suske replied 8 years ago.
Pain of sudden onset, which does not subside- should be checked.

Heart pain is usually to the Left shoulder, but can occur in the right

Gallbladder pain, can go to the right shoulder
check to see if her upper right belly is tender to pressure.

Shoulder pain can also occur by sleeping on it, or flared up arthritis, which may have already been present.

The (mild possibilty) of heart problem requires immediate evaluation, as this can be most serious, potentiually fatal.

Right now- give 4 baby aspirin (or crush 1 adult aspirin & mix with syrup or applesauce)

Tylenol is OK for pain

Naproxyn can be considered in addition to Tylenol- but

an EXAMM IS WHAT'S NEEDED ASAP! Try to convince her.

thanks, & good luck


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