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my left arm for a past few months..back and head..blood

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I've been waking p during the night with a tingling feeling on my left arm for a past few months now its been spreading to the back and head. I have been seen by the doctor. My blood preasure varies from 115 to 140. I have seen a cardiologist and there are no hart conditions. Please advice as to what I should do next.
I would recommend that you get x-rays of the neck and possibly an MRI of the neck (if required) to rule out any disease related to the spine and the intervertebral discs. Other than this I would also want that you get your vitamin B12 and thyroid function test done as well if you have not had them done already. Deficiency of vitamin B12 and decreased thyroid hormones can sometimes lead to tingling sensations as well.

Kindest Regards
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Let me also mention that I have undergone an angiogram to see my heart conditions and it came out negative. Some days the conditions are fine, but when the weather is overcast (rain or snow) I feel my breathing gets heavy and I feel uncomfortable. While the numbness happens I feel it my tonque has that sensation also.This morning I have some tingling on my left side of my head. (3 years back I had a vericose closure procedure done on my rightleg.
Tingling in the left arm and in the head is not a symptom that is associated with heart disease. Operation on varicose veins also has no relationship with the tingling that you are having right now. I would suggest, if you have not had these tests already, that you get tested with the tests that I mentioned in my previous response.

Kindest Regards
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