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My 88 year old relative was just diagnosed with Parkinsons

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My 88 year old relative was just diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in August. She is taking Levo-dopa. She has developed a recurring case of diarrhea. She always had stomach problems but now they are much worse. She is taking paragoric, but it is not working. A nurse suggested that she has diverticulosis. In addition, she might have hemorroids because she is bleeding. Can you tell me how to stop the diarrhea?
How many times a day is she having diarrhea?

Is the diarrhea watery or semisolid?

You mentioned lomotil and imodium as well, has that not helped as well?

Has she had any tests for her diarrhea?

Please let me know.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

She is having diarrhea about two times a day. It is very watery. Neither lomotil or imodium have worked. She had tests - colonoscopy about five years ago and determined that she had IBS.


The diarrhea has gotten much worse since she developed Parkinson's disease.

I would recommend that she be further tested for her diarrhea. She needs a stool examination to be done to rule out any bacteria or parasites that may be causing her diarrhea to occur. I would recommend that she be shown to a gastroenterologist for further evaluation of her condition. In IBS the diarrhea in the vast majority of the cases is not "very watery" and I suspect that it could be something else which needs to be investigated and treated appropriately.

Kindest Regards
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for the input. It is very very difficult to even get her out of bed right now. I am going to try to take her to the emergency room and have her admitted to the hospital.