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In the past two days at about the same time in the evening

Resolved Question:

In the past two days at about the same time in the evening I have experenced a very sudden sharp headache not like my migrains this is very fast onset and sudden and just above my forehead on top of my head nothing bothers it except if I lay down then it gets sharper and I become nauseated and vomit then after that about a half hour later it goes completly away and I can lay down with no problems and the headache is gone. I have a history of migrains and I am Diabetic.What could this be or cause it ?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  NeuroDoc1 replied 8 years ago.



I believe I know what type of headache this is most likely but would like to ask you a couple of more questions.


Do you feel this headache on the left side, right side or in the middle of your head? Do you have any tearing of one eye, runny nose, drooping eyelid or swelling around one eye with the headache? What migraine medications have you tried?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The headache is in the middle. No tearing, drooping or swelling no runny nose. I have tried Imitrex and topamax and the caffine pills that are rx but they do not even help my regular migrains plus when I try to lay down and close my eyes I get a white fashing light it seems like. Plus I am diabetic if that helps with anything and a history of migrains for 3 years now
Expert:  NeuroDoc1 replied 8 years ago.

The fact that the headache is in the middle and very sharp in quality indicates this is not a migraine and I do not think this is related to your diabetes.


This may be what is known as trigeminal neuralgia, which is due to irritation of one of the nerves that goes to the face/forehead. This can usually be prevented by medications such as carbamazepine. However, it would be more typical for trigeminal neuralgia to be either on he left or the right side rather than in the middle. Less likely, this is a variant of a cluster headaches, which tend to occur around the same time every day but also generally are on one side or the other and usually go with eye tearing/dropping/runny nose/nasal congestion. These also may be treated with particular medications.


Because of the somewhat unusual nature of your headache, it my be best to discuss this with your doctor. An MRI of the brain and basic bloodwork such as a vitamin B12 level would probably be in order to make sure that your headaches are not due to anything else such as a structural problem in the brain or vitamin deficiency.


Best wishes.

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