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250 but he is having painful very frequent urination, not a lot

Resolved Question:

My husband in diabetic. His bs is 250 but he is having painful very frequent urination, not a lot just a few dribbles. Any ideas for help?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Doctor Harrison replied 8 years ago.


Since your husband is diabetic, he has difficulty fighting off infections. Because of this, he may have a urinary tract infection. It is also possible that his prostate is enlarged, which pinches his urethra and prevents him from being able to urinate more than a few drops, and makes it painful. This also may be accompanied by a urinary tract infection.


Any time a diabetic gets an infection, it will make his sugars go higher and more difficult to control because of the release of a stress hormone called cortisol.


In summary, your husband's urinary symptoms are not normal and either reflect an infection, enlarged prostate, or both. He needs a urine analysis, culture, rectal exam and likely antibiotics. This should all be done ASAP and with a close eye on his sugars.


I wish him well.

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