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I am 29 yrs. old and a non-smoker. I am having aches in my

Resolved Question:

I am 29 yrs. old and a non-smoker. I am having aches in my chest from about the collar bone to inbetween my chest. To touch it feel like I am touching a bruise. My right underarm hurts as well. The pain starts underarm and goes to the shoulder and bicep.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr Singh replied 8 years ago.

hi mcv,

welcome to justanswer!

please answer few questions..

Are you having fever?

Have cough?

Is the pain increases when you breath?

type of pain (dull, cramping, pusating)
how long this pain continue(minutes? hours?)
Is it related with food?
Do you have any heart, lung ,bowel or liver problem?
Any past significant medical or surgical illness?
Are you on some medications?
Since how long you been having this all?
did you had any recent chest injuries ?



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

no fever

no cough

the pain is a dull ache that is worse when lying down or bending over

doesn't seem to be related with food

no lung, heart, bowel or liver problems that I am aware of

no significant surgeries

strep thoat early this year

take mircette (birth control)

this has been going on for over a week

no recent chest injuries

Expert:  Dr Singh replied 8 years ago.

You have symptoms related to condition called Costochondritis .in this condition symptoms of chest wall pain,with radiating towards back /arms ..on touching the chest wall there is tenderness and pain.. however costochondritis may mimic like heart pain(an ECG is recomended to patients) )..(in some women fibromyalgias is also found as the major cause leading to simillar conditions)...costochondritis normally resolves within few weeks, so just dont worry.

You can take OTC NSAID's ie Motrin(ibuprofen), or Naproxen(aleve) are the standard medications used in such cases.

Antidepressants(tricyclic) will relieve from pain that make difficulty to sleep at night.

I suggest you to have some vitamin therapy(B-complex)..this may provide relieve form these symptoms.

Rest(avoid vigrous activities ,this may worsen the pain)

Avoid anxiety and stress..

be hydrated.

you can use some warm pads on the paining area.

If the symptoms still persist please contact your doctor as other cause(pulmonary)may be related to this condition,.you will need to have some diagnostic tests to rule out this possibility.(MRI Scan, sputum test,and routine blood tests.)

i hope this information is helpful!



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