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52 year old female. Red face and blood pressure 140/82. What

Resolved Question:

52 year old female. Red face and blood pressure 140/82. What can she do to lower blood pressure? Currently not on medication.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  NeuroDoc1 replied 8 years ago.

In general, if blood pressure medications are not taken, lifestyle changes such as a low salt (sodium) diet, exercise, weight loss, stopping smoking (if this is an issue), decreasing caffeine intake if excessive, and managing stress levels in a productive manner are recommended for lowering blood pressure. These types of lifestyle changes may take several months to make a noticeable difference and tend to work best for mild high blood pressure ( I would consider a blood pressure of 140/82 as you mentioned to be relatively mild). While making these lifestyle changes, having a home blood pressure cuff or access to a clinic for regular blood pressure checks is a good idea.

However, if the blood pressure elevation is severe or you already have signs of damage from your hight blood pressure such as heart or kidney disease, usually blood pressure medications are needed to adequately control the blood pressure.

Unfortunately, laying down with your feet up will not likely improve your blood pressure. The redness in the face is not a typical symptom of high blood pressure, and can be due to many other causes--this should probably be checked out by a doctor.

Best wishes.

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