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Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson, U.S. Army Medic
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What else can be prescribe for rosesasha red patches on the

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what else can be prescribe for rosesasha red patches on the face besides fagil i have an allergy to that

Dear Helpdi,

Do you really mean you are beging treated wtih Flagyl.

I need to know what happens to you when you take Flagyl. Allergies to Flagyl are rare unless you use alcohol, products with alcohol, including even mouth wash or perfumes.

did a doctor tell you that you were allergic to Flagyl.

I just want to make sure it is Flagyl you are really allergic to, and that your reaction is not associated with products you consume or use in your environment. Some people are very sensative to the interaction of Flagyl in the presence of any alcohol based product, no matter how slight. that is why Flagyl is used in the treatment of persons who are alcoholic. Take the Flagyl, and they can not drink anything whithout getting sick and vomiting.

So please, tell me more about your allergy and what happens to you?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Dear dr. Johnson,

I got severe stomach cramps no vomiting. Yes I had a doctor tell me I must be allegic to flaygil. He was a gyn/ob.

No I was net drinking or iusing mouthwash with achool. He did tell me that using achool would make me very sick.

If I only have to take the one dose instead of the seven day dose I can handle the stomach but if longer than the one doese is there a natural remeady of herbal that I can try.

Thank you for your support


Dear diana,

One more question, please.

Roseasia is often caused by little mites that live in your hair follicles. Since that is often the case, the Flagyl remainst he drug of choice.

The vomiting and stomach cramps suggests that you are having a reaction to the Flagyl based on contact with some form of alcohol. Read the labels of everything you use on your body to see if alcohol is present. Such things as:

  1. shampoo
  2. hand soap
  3. soft soap (liquid)
  4. dish soap
  5. laundry detergent (liquid)
  6. perfume
  7. lipstick
  8. makeup
  9. hair spray
  10. all hair products
  11. toothpaste

Look for the following words: alcohol, isopropyl, ethyl, glycerol, ethylene, glycol,

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
is there another treatment besides the flagyl. Either natral or herbal. Is it possible to use the same treatment for lice? When you said hair follicles did you mean head hair or any hair follicles rather it being on the head or facial or body hair?

Dear Help,

HAir follicles, anywhere on the head and face primarily,but can be anywhere.

There are alternatives to Flagyl. BUT Flagyl is a shot gun medication, meaning it is broad spectrum, and likely the physician did not know the exact sub typeo of Rosacea.

Flagyl is a big gun and there for would work for nearly any variety of Rosacea. to change medications measn needing to know specifically which bug you have. (no pun intended).

I am referring you to a website that discusses these subtypes. you need to go back to your physician and ask if he can differintiate the Rosacea to find an alternitive specific treatment.