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Dr. Alexis Roman
Dr. Alexis Roman, Doctor
Category: Health
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Experience:  20 years as a physician, General Medicine, Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy, Mesotherapy, Minor Surgery
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I am a 29 yeard old man it hurts when i urinate like sharp

Customer Question

I am a 29 yeard old man it hurts when i urinate like sharp stingy and now i developed a lump in my groin and it hurts what could this be?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Alexis Roman replied 8 years ago.



When did the lump develop?

Is it on one side or both?

How big is it?

Did it occur suddenly or develop slowly?

Is it always present or does it come and go?

Does it get larger when coughing or straining?

Has there been any unusual physical activity recently?

What symptoms do you have?



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The lump developed suddenly,it felt like I pulled my groin but I could not hink of how i did it. Then I felt the lump.This happend the day after the whole pee stingy started.
Expert:  Dr. Alexis Roman replied 8 years ago.



Some common causes:

Allergic reaction


Drug reaction

Enlarged lymph glands in the groin area

Hernia (usually a soft, large bulge in the groin on one or both sides)


Injury trauma to the groin area

Sexually transmitted disease

Since you have been tested for STD and UTI, there are other tests that may be done:

Blood tests such as a CBC, blood tests to check for syphilis, HIV, or other sexually transmitted diseases ,Kidney function tests.

I think that groin lump could be caused by an inguinal hernia. You could begin taking some anti-inflammatories, like ibuprofen for 2-3 days, but if the lump persists, you should go to your doctor.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
what about the extremely painfull pee i have been going thriugh all this together or coincedence
Expert:  Dr. Alexis Roman replied 8 years ago.



In some types of hernias, like sliding hernias, the colon or the bladder are often involved, thus causing gastrointestinal obstructions or urinary problems.