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What does a blood clot feel like I have a sharp/dull pain

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What does a 'blood clot' feel like? I have a sharp/dull pain in my left arm that is not joint or specific muscle related by feel or movement. Ithe pain ebbs and flows in both the upper are between shoulder and elbow and the lower arm between elbow and wrist. The pain is present at rest and increases with even slight movement with upper and lower arm reacting independently.
The way you have described your problem, it's more likely musculoskeletal or neurogenic. As you don't have any joint swelling or pain, it exclude many infections. Blood clot does not present like this, if there is any clots, the affected area will swell up, there will be persistent pain, and you will not be able to feel distal pulses. Usually lower limbs are more involved for this kind of problem.

As you are already on conservative measures, just continue with it. I must say that if you have shotting pain running from your shoulder to hands, any relation with your neck movements, any weakness in hand, then you should see your doctor as soon as possible.
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