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I have ingrown hairs around my private parts. They come up

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I have ingrown hairs around my private parts. They come up in small, red looking, painful to touch spots/lumps I saw a Dr last year about them and received a cream, they do go away after a couple of days, however, they still keep reocurring and am starting to wonder if it could be something else, what do you think?


You have nothing serious here except recurrent folliculitis. As long as the problem does not involve the hair on the penis & scrotum shaving may be all you need to do. Now do not shave close like you do on the face. If you do all you will have is the most annoying itch ever! Use a beard trimmer and shave to fine stubble. I would not do this on the penis or scrotum because if you screw it up the discomfort is unbearable. And you will have to wait for the hair to grow back for relief. If this does not work you can try the hair removal cream/lotions that women use for their bikini lines. Also make sure you are using an antibacterial soap, not one that just smells good. Creams are the last thing I would offer unless treating a specific infection (bikini wax creams are washed off). Powder may be an option but not at first.

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