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I am a 48 yr. old male who has been experiencing faint

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I am a 48 yr. old male who has been experiencing faint feelings, bloating in stomach area, e.r. dr. found small amount of blood in stool and tonight I just started experiencing a vibration in my pelvice area that comes and goes every few seconds. I had a cat scan done of my lower organs and everything is normal. My white blood count is normal. My BP is fine. My cholesteral is good and my blood sugar A1C was 5.9 Had several ekg done they are ok and had heart enzymes and other blood test done all seem good. Do you have any ideas? Can you make some suggestions please?
   Will you please answer some questions to serve you better-
1.Is there any back pain?
2.Is there any history of previous trauma?
3.Is there any history of previous operation?
Please reply.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
no back pain, no previous trauma in area, had kidney stone operation 8 years ago...lithotropsy??
By your history & your answers there are two possibilities,one is eithere recurrence of formation of stone or a kidney pathology or the nerve supplying to your pelvic area(L1) may be pinched at somewhere at its course.
I think you should get your self evaluated by having a sonography of your abdomen & MRI of your back to rule out for any problem regarding this.If even this comes normal then it will be better to consult to a neurophysician.
I think it will help you.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Any chance for it being an ulcer? I do not have much of an appetite, my stomach is somewhat upset. How could I have pinched a nerve down there? lifting in cold weather? It kind of feels like a pinched nerve? Could a chirpractic treatment help?
As you had small amount of blood in the stool then there are chances of having the stomach ulcer but i think it does not present as vibration sensation in pelvic area ,you may have gastroscopy to rule out that.
Lifting heavy weight in abnormal positions is a common cause for pinched nerve or facet joint articular problems at the spine which may lead to such problems.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The vibration just started tonight about 2 hours ago. I have been feeling sick for about 8 days. I had a kidney stone before and had mor right back pain. I do not have any of that. Is it possible if I have a stone it could have moved and started causing the vibration in the pelvic area? Also, would a lower area cat scan show a kidney stone? If I remember the last stome was hard to find and had to found using ultrasound.

Thanks for helping with the additional questions.


   The cat scan is a good investigating tool to diagnose a stone but there are a variety of stone that may be missed by CAT -SCAN like that of crixivan/indinavir variety(,an IVP is better alternative.
   A lower area CAT-SCAN of pelvis generally do not scan for kidney until unless requested for it.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks for the answers...I have also remembered I have slight itching on arms and back and head areas. Having some constipation. Is MS a distinct possiblity? I read some where that a middle age man was using crestor and viagra some times and he thought he had MS? I would love to rule that sounds bad.

Nice to see you again.
I think you should not think of that.MS is disease which 2 times more common in females ,generally has first occurrence between 20-40 years of age,has generalized component of nerves as experienced by tingling,burning or pricking sensation in most part of body,affecting the vision/smell/others,occur in the pattern of weakness(occurring & aggravating or occurring & aggravating),there is a positive family history.There should be some causative factor to cause a disease & you have none of them.
I think you are not having any one of them.
Have a nice time.
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