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I am having a sharp pain under my left breast, I have had it

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I am having a sharp pain under my left breast, I have had it for a couple of days now should I be worried about anything?
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Thank you for the question.
Please tell me:
Are you taking any medication?
Do you have any medical conditions?
Describe the pain: Is it stabbing, pressure, burning?
How long does the pain last?
What makes the pain better?
What makes the pain worse?
Does it hurt when you breath in?
Does it hurt or feel better when you change positions?
Any neasea or vomitting?
Do you have pain in left arm/jaw?
Do you have a new underwire bra (this explains under breast pain in women)
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi, I am not on any medications, I have no known medical conditions. The pain is a real fast sharp shooting pain, I guess you could say it feels like a burning sensation, it feels more sharp though. I know it is not because of my bra because it is not a underwire bra. The pain lasts for about 5-10 seconds, and so far has not gotten any worse. I have just noticed it the last couple of days. I have no nausea or vomitting, and it does not hurt when I breathe in. I have not noticed pain in my left arm or jaw, although my jaw on the right side has been locking up on me latley. Changing positions does not have any affect with it. I notice the pain has been coming more so when I am up and around rather than when I am lying down. Thank you for your help!
Are you active in sports?
Do you notice the pain when you lean over or reach for something?
Does the pain get worse if you are exerting yourself?
Does it get better if you rest or does it not matter, you may get this at rest or while exerting yourself.
I am trying to narrow down the playing field.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am not active in sports, so far i have not noticed pain when i lean or reach for anything, I have not done anything latley to over exert myself. I could be standing or lying down and the pain will come and go. I have never had this pain before It is not anything that will keep me inactive, but I worry because I am over weight I am 230lbs which is better than the 267lbs i was back in june. I am trying to take care of my self and I am continuing to lose weight.
Can you tell me, do you have any shortness of breath? what is your pulse? any cough? Any problems with swallowing or eating?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have no shortness of breathe, no problems eating or swallowing and if i took my pulse right it was 83 beats in 1 min. I do not have a cough.
Thank you.
The rule is that ANY and ALL chest pain MUST be evaluated IMMEDIATLY.
You are young so your chances of heart disease are not as high as someone in their 40's or 50's. However your chest pain does not sound as though it's coming from your lungs or stomach. If you were to have pain with reaching, this may be actually attributed to muscle. This is what is causing me the concern, the option are dwindling down. You would need a proper physical and some diagnostic tests, the very minimum of an ECG. In my opinion, you should definitely call your physician tomorrow or if you would feel more comfortable, go to the ER. It is ALWAYS better to be safe.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your care.

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