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Macy RN
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My left hand went numb on Thanksgiving. There is constant

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My left hand went numb on Thanksgiving. There is constant numbness and tingling that has traveled from my thumb to my ring finger. I was nibbed bey our sheepdog on about Nov 15 or 16. I disinfected the area and it healed nicely but on Nov. 27, 2008 I have had numbness and tingling that has not gone away.

Hello Margie,

I am happy to help you.

When you were bitten did it break the skin and bleed?

Is you hand swollen or bruised?

Are you diabetic?

Does you hand look blue or feel colder then the other one?

Thank you,


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
When I was bitten was probably around the 15 th or 16th of November. It did break the skin on my thumb between the nuckle and middle of my thumb. I put peroxide on it and antibiotic ointment, kept it covered and it healed nicely. There was no swelling and I am not diabetic. My left hand does feel colder but no one else that I ask feels a difference. It is harder to type than usual and the finger tips feel tingly. When it started on Nov 27 it was just the thumb and maybe index fingerbut now it is all fingers except baby finger.

If you didn't already you might need an xray just to make sure you do not have a hairline crack in one of the little bones in your hand.

It is also possible that when you were bitten it damaged a nerve.

You could also have a little blood clot in there obstructing blood flow or some slight swelling.

Go to your doctor and let him get an xray to see if there is a fracture and then he can go from there on the treatment if any is needed.

You might just need an anti-inflammatory.

Do have it looked at.

Best wishes to you Margie,


Macy RN and 2 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I will do that tomorrow. I am just wondering why it felt ok right after and then 10 days later is when the numbness and tingling started. Any thoughts?

Hi again,

Some possible causes is that maybe if you do have a fracture it worsened as you used it.

You could also have inflammation in there that is getting worse.

Carpal tunnel is also a possibility.

You can read about a lot of possible causes here:

Hope this helps.