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Dr. Arun Phophalia
Dr. Arun Phophalia, Doctor (MD)
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Please can you help me - I have recently lost 2 friends, in

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Please can you help me - I have recently lost 2 friends, in their 40's, to ovarian cancer, and now I'm afraid I have the same symptoms, such as bloating (tho it comes and goes), constipation and right sided abdominal discomfort - not present all the times, mainly when i bend or press it- it feels bruised inside. I had my left ovary removed 11 yrs ago due to a cyst which was benign. I had an ultrasound on my pelvis in March this year due to post-menopausal bleeding (I am 53) which revealed nothing abnormal and subsequent endometrial biopsy was clear) the radiographer couldn't see my ovary clearly but said it seemed ok. Could I have developed something on that ovary since then? The pain is about an inch to the right of my naval and about 2 inches below. I have no weight loss or vomiting - just this worrying discomfort which went away for a week and today returned - when I leant against a shelf it felt very bruised inside. I also have irritable bowel and diverticular disease. Thanks


You should not be worried at all.

1) An ovarian tumor is very likely to be seen by an ultrasound. Non visualization of the ovary is likely due to very small, atrophic ovary.

2) Ovarian cancers are usually asymptomatic unless late. And the pain related to them cannot be intermittent. It is constant.

3) A pain which is coming and going is very likely due to your existent conditions; IBS and diverticulosis. The site of pain is also indicative of these diseases then ovarian tumor. Pain, bloating and constipation are more related to the intestinal disease. If an ovarian cancer gives these symptoms, it is usually big enough to be palpated or felt by hand on abdomen.

Please feel free for your follow up questions.

Dr. Arun

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

thank you for your reassuring answer. I guess I am just jumpy because of my recent losses. If the pain were on my left i would have no worries as i dont have an ovary that side! can you just clar

ify - are you saying that because my scan was only done in March this year, that it cannot be a tumour as, if it were, it would not have grown large enough by now to be causing these symptoms? I take on board that it is probably the IBS - I have only just been diagnosed with this again (I had it 20 yrs ago but no probs until recently) which is why I was also worried that this was a mis-diagnosis. I'm sure I am worrying unecessarily - I probably just knocked myself on something - I was moving heavy furniture a while ago and it came on a week after that. I dont think it's a hernia though. I am quite overweight so dont think anything would be felt by hand on abdomen!!! (though I take your point). Sorry to ask again - I probably am a member of the 'worried well' club - I think my doctor would tell you that as well! look forward to your reply. thanks again. I probably read too much medical stuff on the net too! a doctor's worst nightmare eh?


This can happen and people usually correlate their symptoms with the people close to them, who had bad diagnosis. The scan being done in just March showing everything normal, so there cannot be so sudden change, big enough to cause problem. This is we exactly meant.

Don't worry.

It is pleasure assisting you.

Dr. Arun

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