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My girlfreind is taking 5mg Ambien every night and a mood

Customer Question


My girlfreind is taking 5mg Ambien every night and a mood depression pill at the same time. i want to know what is the side effect of taking both these pills?
Submitted: 8 years ago via Patientsville.
Category: Health
Expert:  DR RANDALL replied 8 years ago.

It would help to know the name of the other drug.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
25mg Topamax and 10mg Zolpidem.

She takes half of Zolpidem (5mg?) and Topamax each night before going to sleep. She also take daily dose of some sort of mood stabilizer in the day. We are planning to be married and I'm a little concern what is the short and long term effects to her when all these pills are consumed at the same time. She seems to be functioning normaly, but however can be moody at times. We are also planning to have a baby which pretty much these questions are all about. I'm also trying to learn the source of the depression whether it was cause by the effect and dependencies of these pills. The depression was dianosed about 8 years ago and the sleeping problem probably around 5 years ago. We talked about it a little but not without hesitation and she wanted me to accept her condition. But for me to accept it, I need to understand the effect and repercussion if any, that will effect our lives. As you can see I love and care about her very much.

I'm extremly concern.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The other depression pill she take is Lexipro?
Expert:  DR RANDALL replied 8 years ago.

The short answer to your question is that they all can potentiate each other. In other words, dependency of one may be due to the others. The clinical effectiveness of one may be lessened or heightened by the others. The data is not clear but does indicate interaction amongst the drugs you have listed.

Ambien is not FDA approved for long term use. A doctor can do this using "off labeled" needs.

Why the Topamax? --> Seizures? Cluster headaches? Migraines? Chronic pain syndrome? This drug may not be needed.

For pregnancy :Topamax does cause cancer & birth defects in animals & is not recommended in humans. Lexapro is also not recommended but the human is literature is limited. The dose is suggested should be tapered in the 3rd trimester & rebolused post delivery for high risk of post-partum depression. Ambien did not cause any effects in animals but humans born to mothers taking sedatives can be addicted themselves.

As for breast feeding all of these drugs are not recommended.

Realize the literature on this is limited since it is unethical to trial on humans. So most of this is post marketing experience.

8 yrs for depression 5yrs for a sleep disorder these are long time intervals for these without any significant porgress?? You may be in for some problems that are unpleasant to talk about. I would suggest marriage counseling or a program called relationship rich done in Dallas Texas. excellent discovery process. be careful getting married is easy getting out of it is not.

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