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I want to take this vitamin but its to large and i hate

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i want to take this vitamin but its to large and i hate swallowing it because it makes me feel like im going to choke. Its called Ocu-plus formula would it be possible to crush it into powder.

Thank you for your question. These vitamin pills are relatively large and I can understand that some people might have difficulty swallowing the pills. If the manufacturer sad that you may cut them in half that would probably be the easiest thing to do if you can take those pieces without any problem. If the pills are not scored you can obtain a pill cutter very inexpensively at the drugstore to cut them in half. Because this is a mixture of vitamins and other supplements I can see no reason why they could not be crushed and taken in a liquid. The pills that cannot be crushed are those extended release capsules that melt at different rates of time in your stomach and your intestine and are released in different areas. This is not the case with these vitamins so I would see no reason not to crush them if that's helpful to you.

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