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A few months ago, I noticed a blueish ring in the outside

Customer Question

A few months ago, I noticed a blueish ring in the outside whites of my eyes. It's quite prominant and was never there before; also it is not anywhere near my iris. What is it??
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Susan Ivy replied 8 years ago.


Thank you for writing JA with your finding.

This is actually known as corneal arcus. It is normal in the elderly. In a person as young as you this may indicate a lipid disorder. It is possible that it is a benighn disorder, but you will need to have a blood sample drawn to check for a lipid disorder.

If you have a lipid disorder it means your body is not be processing lipids (fats) correctly. This would likely be due to genetics at your age, meaning that you have this as an inherited disorder. You will need to see your physician for testing. Luckily there is treatment for this, which is medications, anti-lipid or anticholesterol medications, as well as monitoring the fats in the diet.

If you have questions or comments please reply so that I or another expert can address them.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The Blue ring is NOT in my iris. Corneal arcus is located right near the iris or in it.
Expert:  Susan Ivy replied 8 years ago.

Have you already seen a physician for this? There is no otherwise documentation of a blue ring in the eye in the literature. This is very unusual. If you have a picture send it in.

Hopefully this is a benign problem, but it is close enough to corneal arcus to be a possibility so I'd certainly recommend getting lipids drawn, and if that is not a problem see an opthamologist to rule out other problems.

I'll forward this to our opthamologist so that in case he is aware of something like this he can write to you about it.

Expert:  Dr PG M.D. replied 8 years ago.
lt;p>Hi,</p><p>    I am an Ophthalmologist.</p><p>WHat you are describing is called arcus juvinellis. In older age a ring is formed near the white portion i.e. in the periphery of the cornea (black portion of eye). It is not near the irirs. But this is in older age. Rarely in young patients a similar ring might develop called arcus juvinellis. It is harmless.</p><p>The other possibility is Wilson's disease. In this there are copper deposits on the cornea in the same fashion. But in Wilson's disease other symptoms like jaundice, dizziness, bleeding disorders should also be present. </p><p>If you are not aving any other symptoms, then no need to worry, arcus juvenilles is harmless.</p><p>Regards</p>
Dr PG M.D., Doctor
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 2337
Experience: MBBS, MD, MS
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