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Dr Singh
Dr Singh, Doctor (MD)
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Woke up this morning dizzy been that way all day and when i

Customer Question

woke up this morning dizzy been that way all day and when i laid down this evening get a fast flipping vision
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr Singh replied 8 years ago.


please answer the following questions so that i serve you better.

whats your age?

Since when you are having this problem?
Is there any medications you taking?
Do you have any Heart(hypertension,other cardiovascular diseases),Eye, Endocrinal(hormonal) Diabeties problem?
Any past Significant medical or surgical illness?

any recent ear infection?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
age=45 problem since this morning no medications being illnesses did have left ear drum replaced when i was 8 yrs old
Expert:  Dr Singh replied 8 years ago.

let me explain like this.

Dizziness reasons are.

Positional vertigo(benign)

Labrinthitis(unilateral or bilateral/otitis)inshort inflamation in ears,

others (medications)

CNS diseases.

Hypoglycemia(low blood glucose)

according to the description given by you i think the cause of dizziness can be:

Benign positional vertigo (BPV)-or simply vertigo-is a disorder of the inner ear(inernal ear infections)please note sometime ear infections are asymptomatic(ie without symptoms).
second cause can be Orthostatic hypotension - also called postural hypotension -when you stand up too quickly or have eaten a heavy meal, you may feel dizzy. This is because blood pressure has fallen sharply.
another reason can be low glucose in blood(hypoglycemia).

While i give you some advices that might help you at present.

Dont drink coffee ,beverages,alcoholic products.(as they affect circulation)

Drink fruit juices, keep yourself hydrated.

Avoid sudden movements of the body.

Avoid exposure to cold weather.

i hope everything will be fine . but if the problem persist i suggest you to visit your doctor so as to rule out the possible hidden cause(some blood work/imaging studies may be required)


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
ok now to let u know does this include dizziness even while lying still in bed and getting thefast spinning if you will vision while being still also
Expert:  Dr Singh replied 8 years ago.

if a person is lying down (or in a less active state) then persistent dizziness, with changes in vision,happens in patients with sudden high blood pressure episodes .or in CNS diseases(tumors,increased intracranial pressure)

i suggest you to get your bp checked and a consultation with a physician will proove benificial.

i hope my advice will help you.


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