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My lower stomach hurts, especially when i stand up and sit

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my lower stomach hurts, especially when i stand up and sit down, it's ok while im stationary but hurts while i'm moving.
How about when you press on it?

Any nausea or vomiting? Diarrhea?

How long has this been going on, and were you doing something strenuous around the time it started?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It's fine when i press the region, novomitting or diarrhia but my head feels hotter than the rest of my body, this has been goin on since yesterday, i don't think i was but i do have to lift some heavy loads at work and this seems to have come on slowly.
Does eating make the pain worse / better or have no effect?

And is the area of pain right around the level of the belly button, or is it lower / higher?

And what about the pain during something like a sit-up? Does that make the pain a lot worse?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
eatin does nothing, the area is lower to my right of the belly button, it hurts to sit up but doing the exercise of a sit-up does nothing.

This seems a bit unusual to be a muscle strain, but given that you were lifting heavy things and the pain comes with active movement could suggest a muscle strain in the area.

But pain in the right lower area of the abdomen, in young people, is always worrisome for appendicitis - and something you need to keep in mind, though you do not have any nausea / vomiting, and are eating well, and no pain with pressing in that area - so at this point, the appendicitis is unlikely.

And given the absence of any other symptoms, it is tough to narrow it down any more, but hopefully this is just a strain of some muscles which would improve with a few days. Of course, if other symptoms develop as mentioned above, seeing a doctor right away would be advised.
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