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Dr J Burk
Dr J Burk, Doctor (MD)
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I have cloudiness and glare in my vision and it feels like

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I have cloudiness and glare in my vision and it feels like my eyes are sticky when not and it also feels like I have a lump of sugar in my eyes. I also get a flicker in the cloudiness and glare. What could this be as I have had it now for over a year and I am really started to get worried now!! Thanks

Have you had your eyes examined?

Have you any other medical problems?

Dr Jef
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Dr Jef

Thankyou for repling. Yes I have had my eyes examined by an optician and I have also had them looked into by an eye specialist and they said that they could not see anything wrong with my eyes. I have also been on the NHS website and typed in my symptoms and it keeps coming up with cataracts. I have seen my GP about this and he says that he doesnt think its cataracts!! I have recently and currently suffering from depression, but this is getting better but my eyes seem to be getting worse. My GP gave me some eyes drops to put moisture back into my eyes but these seem to make my eyes even worse, I have tried these once before and I am currently in the process of trying them again, but again they are making my eyes worse. Because of this problem with my eyes it is making me feel as though I am going blind or I am dying!!! I do smoke as well do you think that this could be my problem or do you think it is something else??



It seems to me that your eye symptoms may be a physical manifestation of anxiety - your concern that you are going blind or dying is out of all proportion with your symptoms especially as you have seen both an optician and an ophthalmologist who have given you a clean bill of ocular health.

There are almost no conditions that would render a 24 year old blind and your symptoms most certainly are not consistent with any sort of terminal condition.

I suggest that you discuss the anxiety issues with your own GP.

Anxiety and depression can often co-exist.

Dr Jef
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