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DrWeyrich, Doctor
Category: Health
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Experience:  Naturopathic Medical Doctor licensed by state of Arizona since 2007. PhD Orgainic Chemistry (1982).
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The bottom of my feet turn a bright red, shiny, then the

Customer Question

the bottom of my feet turn a bright red, shiny, then the area between the tip of my toes turns white, then my feet often turn purple on the toes. my feet are always cold and feel heavy at times and pringly. my legs from the knees down have spots that come and go when my legs get cold and my feet are always freezing especially my toes. I have pitting edema in my ankles and I am on a diuretic. Do I have raynauds?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  DrWeyrich replied 8 years ago.

Your symptoms are consistent with Raynaud's Disease or Raynaud's Phenomena. You need a physical exam to confirm and distinguish between the two.

There are several pharmacological approaches to treatment of Raynaud's Disease.

Treatment of Raynaud's Phenomena (which is associated with some other underlying condition, such as scleroderma) depends on identifying the underlying cause.

Smoking can make the problem worse, as can drugs that cause vasoconstriction.

It is important to examine your feet regularly for ulcers or signs of infection.

Expert:  DrWeyrich replied 8 years ago.

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