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I had 49 iodine seed impants put in 8 weeks ago. I had no

Resolved Question:

I had 49 iodine seed impants put in 8 weeks ago. I had no prostate symptoms before surgery. I am taking Flomax, Celebrex, and Avodart now. I still have a week flow with moderate pain and go every 30-60 minutes during the day and 2-3 times per night. I am 55 years old, 6'4" tall and weigh 245. I eat healthy but drink 4 beers per day. I like beer and it helps me to keep regular. I've read about saw palmetto. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'd like to be able to urinate without pain and not so urgent and often.
Submitted: 8 years ago via Patientsville.
Category: Health
Expert:  Terry replied 8 years ago.

Hello Dale Bob!

The symptoms that you are having are common after having seeds implanted into the prostate (brachytherapy). I am sorry that you have the discomfort that you do. The urinary symptoms do subside as the radiation deteriorates in the seeds. The Flowmax is prescribed to help alleviate the urgency. If you click on the website below, you should get a better insight in to what is actually happening in your prostate and why your bladder is affected. There is also a list of foods to avoid that are irritating to your condition. You will notice that on top of list is 'avoid alcohol'. I don't personally recommend this but I think you will figure out which foods and drinks make you feel better or worse. Concerning Saw Palmetto, men use that for prostate health and it won't help your symptoms now, so I don't recommend it. Make sure to have your follow up visit befor insurance expires. Call your doctor to discuss your symptoms, now, so that he can check you out in advance of your insurance expiration.

This next website will let you know how the Flomax helps you by relaxing your bladder to help with the urgent feeling to urinate.

Please know that with regards ***** ***** effects, "surgery had more significant side effects immediately following treatment, but those side effects improved steadily over two years. Urinary incontinence was more common after surgery; however, urinary irritation was a more common complaint from those who received brachytherapy. Impairment of sexual function was found to be consistently higher among those who received surgery than those who received brachytherapy."

Although there are alot of side effects associated with the seed implants, most of these are urinary in nature and are short lived.

I hope all will be well with you!


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