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My father was diagnosed with throat dysplasia. He was told

Resolved Question:

My father was diagnosed with throat dysplasia. He was told to eat only soft foods, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, yogurt, to thicken his milk, tomato juice, etc. He was told he could have ground hamburger if it had gravey over it. Was told no beef, chicken, turkey, etc. If he can have ground beef with gravey why could he not have ground chicken (in a blender) with gravey or ham salad or chicken salad ground fine? I am afraid he will just stop eating all together. I would also think he could have any soup well blended or black, pinto or navy beans well blended. What do you think?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. M. Lahkar replied 8 years ago.

Did you mean 'throat dysphagia' or inability to swallow solid food?

What investigations were done to diagnose this?

What are his symptoms?

I am available online to help you further with this info.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
He has gotten choked a few times, but generally can swallow most things. He did have some type of swallowing test yesterday thought I do not know the name of it. HIs basic symptom is choking. He did this once a couple of months ago and got pneumonia. He does have a runny nose as well, but that is not constant. He is prone to eating fast but has slowed down considerable since the choking incidents.
Expert:  Dr. M. Lahkar replied 8 years ago.
Hello Susan, the choking incidents are due to 'dysphagia' and there can be many causes for it. The treatment will obviously be specific to each condition.Check this website.

The pneumonia was probably due to regurgitation of food from the esophagus into the lungs. This is known as "Aspiration pneumonia".

I agree with you that he can have any type of ground food like chicken, beef etc a long as it does not interfere with his swallowing and does not cause acidity.

I think that you can have a word with your doctor again.

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