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My husbands PSA level is slightly elevated to 4.6. Is taking

Resolved Question:

My husbands PSA level is slightly elevated to 4.6. Is taking an antibiotic for 2 weeks the only course of action,as our dr. demanded? My husband doesn't have any symptons of infectious prostatitus. Why take a whole course of antibiotics, when it could be noninfectious prostatitus or BPH? The increase in the PSA went from 2.5 to 4.5 in one years time. Is this a reason to be truly alarmed? Or could this be treated with acidophilus,vitamin B complex and Zinc, with a follow up blood test in 3 weeks?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
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Age: 59; Male, New Jersey
Already Tried:
Nothing. Just got the results of thephysical today. He was also told his vitamin D is low, despite drinking 1 gal. of organic milk a week. And his colesterol was elevated to 239
Expert:  Dr. Lam replied 8 years ago.
Greetings. Thank you for your question.

Rising PSA in a 59 year old is a cause of alarm that should not be discounted. Once antiobiotic is started, it is best to continue and finish the course. Stopping half way may increase chance of reinfection or incomplete irradication. If the cause of the rising PSA is due to infection, then the PSA should come down after the bugs are gone. If he has no signs of infections prostatitus , then you can consider viral as a possible cause. Acidoloplus, vi tB and Zinc will not help much. Its good for the body , but I hvae not seen it bring down PSA. What I have seen and done is use cats claw, olive leave and plant sterols , and that combination can often reduce PSA level, if done properly.

The vit D and cholesterol is a differnet issue and unlikely to be related to the prostate .

I suggest you finish the antibioitic if you have already started, get a PSA, and if still high, try the herb combination and if that fails, then he may need to have further workup.
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