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I have a friend who weights 400+. She had a surgery about 6

Customer Question

I have a friend who weights 400+. She had a surgery about 6 years ago (2002). She has a stoma and colostomy bag.. When she left the hospital after 3 months she was down to 213. She also gained it all back within the next 2 years.. She has no money but does have medicare. I think she's 57. She can still walk. She can not find a doctor who will do the surgery to reverse the stoma and remove the bag, and at the same time maybe do the band.. We know she is a tremendous risk but she is willing to go for it.. With the bag she is limited to going out if fear of it loosening and draining.. She is extremely depressed and cries every time we speak.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. RayA replied 8 years ago.
Are you looking for information on the risks and potential ways to increase the likelihood of having the surgery performed or are you looking for a recommendation for a surgeon who would be willing to perform the surgery?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I'm looking for someone anywhere who would be willing to do the surgery.. She is well aware of the risk.. She could die.. She feels like she's dying now... Remember, she only has medicare and no transportation.. I guess you could say we are looking for a miracle.. I've heard so many stories about doctors who will take someone in a desperate sitution like this and give them their time and tallent and another chance at a productive life.. I hoping you know of one.. She doesn't care where in the US the doctor would do this, we just want a chane for her...

My name is***** and my girlfriends name is***** you for your time and willingness to help...

Expert:  Dr. RayA replied 8 years ago.
Hi Claire,
Given her flexibility, it is likely that there are surgeons that are willing to help Jackie, but her weight makes the surgery much riskier. I personally don't know anyone that would be willing to take on a high risk surgery like that, even in a situation where here quality of life is significantly impaired. I won't consider this an answer, since you are asking a different question, but the best advice I can offer you both would be to help her focus on loosing some of the weight that makes this relatively straightforward surgery so much riskier. This can be a very challenging task, especially when she is experiencing what may be some degree off clinical depression, but it is very important. Perhaps talking with a psychiatrist, who could help with the emotional component of her situation, could help her to get out of the painful negative cycle she is currently in. I wish you the best of luck in finding the right help!

Best Regards,
Dr. Ray