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Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson, U.S. Army Medic
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Experience:  U.S. Army Medical Services Corps, and Special Forces Med School, Ft. Sam Houstan, Tx; EMT U.AK
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my left shoulder..tightness in my arm and a small amount in my chest

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I was stung on my left shoulder by a yellow jacket around 3:30 pm. Now I feel a tightness in my arm and a small amount in my chest. Could the tightness be from the bee sting?



This is very highly suspicious. Many people have sever allergic reactions to bee, wasp (yellow jacket) stings. Sometimes there is an immediate reaction, and at other times the reactions take time.


Wasp stings and bee stings that produce any kind of reaction that involves swelling of the airway or tightness of the chest and throat should be considered a medical emergency of at least an urgent need. This means getting to the hospital right away, you should not need an ambulance.


The tightness in your chest could suddenly progress to a stage of causing you to compromise your breathing and airway.


you should go now to the emergency room, and place ice on the wound while you are in route.


the physician will listen to your airway, and if it sounds a particular way, he will have you given a shot of epinephrine, and he may also give you benadryl or other antihistamine. If it is bad enough he may also include cortisones.


While you are there you can ask the doctor for a prescription to pick up a bee sting kit that you can keep near by.


These kind of allergies do not normally confer immunity and you could have a worse reaction the next time.



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